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Feb. 15, 2010 - Feb. 21, 2010

PyCon Dress Rehearsal rocks the Casbah

Leigh and I did our presentations this evening to a pretty-much-packed house.

Leigh managed to keep pretty-much to time... I was *way* over (maybe double time), but then I knew I would be, the deck was almost 70 slides and that's before feedback, discussing ChatTrack as a project, etceteras, need to get the whole deck ...

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3D/Graphics Open Track at PyCon

Okay, we now have our own Open Space Wiki Page for figuring out what 3D/Graphics related stuff you want to do at PyCon.  If you're interested in 3D or graphics/games stuff, edit the page and brainstorm about what you'd like to see or work on.  I'm happy to do impromptu classes on whatever OpenGL-ish topics ...

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The "Shiver" Moment in Presentation Writing

There's a moment in writing presentations; you are dispassionately writing and editing point-form notes about the things you want to talk about, a kind of disjoint series of ideas that you know all fit together somehow, and you're really just playing with them to see how they fit, then you take a bit of time ...

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