Little bit of OpenGL hacking this afternoon

Managed to find and fix a few small bugs in PyOpenGL. Also did some minor Python 3.x compatibility work. BTW, Python 3.x advocates: low-scored reviews on PyPI with snarky comments are not a huge motivator. Actually they are a pretty strong de-motivator. I was so tempted to just change the categorization to something equally snarky ("all useful versions of Python") and reply with a "there, fixed it, provide a patch if you want to be useful"... as it is, it lowered my motivation to the point where I don't actually care enough to install Python 3.2rc and see what's needed. Give me a reason to care


  1. rndblnch

    rndblnch on 03/08/2011 6:05 a.m. #

    please don't let such comment demotivate you!!!
    everybody knows how pyopengl is a great piece of software, and how much you deserve our admiration for creating and maintaining it.


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