PyDispatcher runs on Python 3.2 now...

PyDispatcher is one of those projects that's been in "just works" mode for a long time which needs to be updated to work on Python 3.x if I'm going to be able to test much of my software there.  PyDispatcher is the glue that keeps OpenGLContext/PyVRML97 together.  It's also the ancestor of the Django signals module, IIUC.

The 2to3 conversion was a bit finicky for some reason I can't fathom; guessing there was something hanging around in the build directory that prevented it from running properly.  With some poking got that running, then ran into the fact that the field-names for e.g. im_func, im_self and the like, which are used to determine which function/object methods are referencing have changed.

Added a bit of basic how-to-style documentation, but can't claim to have done all that much.  I didn't implement the optimization I'd wanted to (pre-calculating the code object and parameter names), but oh well, maybe next time.


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