GLES 1.1 Really? In 2012?

Shiny new Android dev environment.  Start reading through the documentation (yeah, a bit retro), okay, Intents seem rocking... oh, the intro just sort of dumps you off in the middle of nowhere... well, let's look at the familiar stuff; OpenGL should rock with everything being modern and shiny.

GLES 1.1 only on 2.1! (Which is what both of the hardware devices I own run, and what the docs say is necessary to target the bulk of users).  That is just blah.  My nice clean forward-compatible-only code prototyped on Linux will have to grow code-smell to support 1997-level technology (yeah, I know GLES 1.1 is newer, but it's the same-old-same-old stuff from GL 1.1).

Code fragmentation is biting me before I even write a single line of code.


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