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Watch your texture bindings when using FBO attachments

I finally tracked down why the second "shadow" demo had regressed for OpenGLContext on AMD cards.  Turns out that the order in which you bind/unbind textures and Frame Buffer Objects is very important.  If you have a texture bound as the current TEXTURE_2D at the same time as it is attached to an FBO attachment ...

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bytes(23) this is not your Python2.7 bytes...

Working on integrating a patch that lets parts of PyOpenGL work on PyPy 1.5 and Python 3.2 (thanks to Renaud).  Tried creating a little wrapper that abstracts away the various changes.  One of these is a function that can take a string, a unicode string, or an arbitrary object and wants to get a friendly ...

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Kubuntu Natty Upgrade... Hrm...

I upgraded my main laptop to Kubuntu Natty this afternoon.  Honestly I can't tell the difference so far.  Firefox 4 is slightly different looking.  Nothing else of note seems to have changed.  I had to uninstall and re-install the Gtalk plugin, but other than that, no hiccups on the install.

On one hand, whew, nice ...

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Columnar Sort of N Columns in 2 Directions, a.k.a. Data-grid Sorting

There is a thread on Python-list about removing the "cmp" parameter to Python's sort. One little tidbit I had missed was the introduction of a stable sort guarantee with Python 2.2. I've got lots of older code that uses cmp, so I figured I'll just start rewriting those as I come across them... later that ...

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Violating my own principle in PyOpenGL sometimes works

As I've been listening to PyCon lectures in the background as I work, I'm struck by the number of times people discussing PyOpenGL refer to the OpenGL.array.vbo module positively.  It's actually one of those pieces of the API where I have broken one of my rules for the project; "Don't extend the API".

Over the ...

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Free Million-Dollar Idea of the Day

Add a SquareMap-style visualization to accounting software, instant visualization of your entire company's expenses, revenue, budget, etceteras.  Perfect for including in reports to CEOs, Shareholders and the like.  For bonus marks, make it explorable, with a web-based tool to which I upload simple tree-structured data-sets.

Yay, fairly usable meliae loading

Unscheduled day off work today... which means... RunSnakeRun (and SquareMap) got quite a few performance improvements when handling Meliae dumps.  It still takes 3-4 minutes to load a 16MB capture (that is, an dump that captured 16MB of objects) but once loaded it is reasonably close to interactive.  I haven't got time to work on ...

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