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Docker is the first thing to make me want to update

Kubuntu 12.04 with the kubuntu-backports-precise PPA pretty much keeps right up with KDE changes, so there's very little incentive to update to 13.04 at the desktop level. As a result, I've been happy to keep all of our machines on the LTS.  Until now...

Docker doesn't work reliably without a 3.8 kernel.  12.04's AMD proprietary ...

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olwidget show features in the window

So now you've got your spiffy textual-entry-of-GPS-coordinates-and-map admin GUI and you're wanting to actually let people see your "features" on a map.  olwidget has an InfoMap() which is basically a Map + a single InfoLayer, but it uses a static set of "info" rather than a dynamically updating set. Here's how to hack the dynamic ...

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