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GeoDjango is Pretty Straightforward

Doing some trivial GeoDjango today.  All was pretty straightforward, though the tutorial didn't cover how to add PostGIS to an existing DB (you just run the same commands you'd use to create the template against the existing DB, but it needs to be as a DB superuser, so it won't go into a regular migration ...

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Okay, spammers, you win

I was just going through and deleting your dozens or hundreds of posts a day using django admin interface, but drat it, you're posting way too many comments and that was taking too long.  You wore me down, so I wrote a stupid little view to kill your comments en-mass.  You win, you wasted part ...

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Save/Restore for Embedded Django?

So you've embedded Django in your product lines and you want to provide a save/restore function.  You, of course, are using South migrations, and since you're agile, you often wind up with schema modifications as requirements change.  Since you're managing a lot of products, you want whatever solution you use to be at least somewhat ...

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Single Artefact Deployment

The first talk at Django Toronto was on Wave's single artefact deployment mechanism.  Basically it's the Fussy Firmware Packager, but without the signatures.  We use Fussy to be able to send/provide customers with (signed) images that can be loaded on (potentially disconnected) machines (through their web interfaces).

The images include a built virtualenv including ...

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Linux Refuses to See the HDMI

My talk at Django Toronto was scuttled by my computer refusing to recognize the HDMI (complained about a checksum failure when the HDMI was plugged in) and the further failure of the VirtualBox image to get onto the network so I could use another machine.  We spent all of the prep time trying to get ...

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Fail2ban + Django convenient format

You want to use Django auth failures to generate fail2ban bans to protect against brute-forcing of your passwords. Nothing on django packages... So, you: wrap your login handler with a decorator that logs out messages on failures...

def log_login_failures( function ):
    auth_log = logging.getLogger( 'django.auth' )
    def wrapped( request, *args, **named ):
        result = ...

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avahi-daemon just works for hostname.local

So I wanted to set up my demo to be available at a friendly local URL when I run it tomorrow, so I decided to check out how avahi is doing these days.

sudo aptitude install avahi-server

Then edit /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf


Restart avahi and your server will show up as <yourhostname>.local (or something similar, if ...

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You got Video in my Django at Django Toronto

Realized this morning that I offered to do a quick talk on how to get video running on your web-site at the Django Toronto tomorrow.  So I've put together a small demonstration that shows creating HLS and RTMP streams (using nginx-rtmp), and a quick demo showing how to push to the server using a video-for-linux ...

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Do I really need 0-copy?

Nginx Upload Module's key feature/optimization is that as nginx streams the multipart post to disk, it directs the embedded files directly to separate file handles, you can then just move those files to the final location.  So far everything I've seen to replace it has at least a couple of copies going on, as they ...

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Generic Filter/Sort Tables for Django?

So this came up (again). Users want to be able to look at a (largish) set of records in Django (millions of records) and do the following:

  • click columns to sort by field values (with indication of sort direction, of course)
  • filter by column values (include, exclude, greater-equal, less-equal); that is, they want to click ...

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