Laptop Presentation Fail Take 2

So yesterday we needed to have the participants at the PyCon/Mozilla Maker Party view their videos on the front projector, and the loaner laptops were not happy with the task (many of the projects had 2, sometimes 3 Youtube videos running at the same time in their mashups), so we plugged in my Laptop with the shiny new Kubuntu 13.04 and the Beta AMD drivers.  Unlike the previous fail (which was on HDMI), this one was with a basic VGA connector.  The laptop automatically noticed there was a new monitor and went into "big desktop" mode, then switched back to "mirrored" mode, and flickered back and forth between them constantly until the monitor was unplugged.

This is the kind of behaviour you really don't want when you're up on stage trying to present something, and this is now the second time Kubuntu has just fallen over on me on this.  Problem is, who would I even report the problem to, KDE?  Kubuntu? AMD? who knows, after all, I'm having to run a Beta AMD driver, pin various packages to old releases, etc. just to get a running X, so it's not like this is a "supportable" configuration... it's just a Dell Inspiron 15R, not some exotic hardware, but in hacking the OS to get it running at all I've passed beyond the reasonable level where I could ask someone to attempt to duplicate the failure and track it down.


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