Integrated Graphics Really Does Suck

So apparently I forgot to re-install the fglrx driver after updating my laptop to Kubuntu 13.10.  So as I've been testing PyOpenGL I've been amazed by how cr*ppy the GL performance has been, and I kept running into "this doesn't work at all" bugs for newer features. It did make me actually look at what GLSL versions were required for various shaders rather than just declaring "330" in everything because that's what AMD supports.

[Update] of course, the fglrx drivers (both stable and Beta) don't even load (segfault) so I suppose there's something to be said for slow and cr*ppy after all. So much for testing tonight.

[Update] appears it's an explicit "not supported" thing, with the newest Ubuntu Kernel 3.11 *not* in the list of supported platforms. Doesn't failure during build or install, of course, but it doesn't work when you try to run it.  Oh well, back to the Intel driver for now.

[Update] and it's still broken with 13.11B9.4 (the November 22nd release), the kernel is now supported, but Ubuntu 13.10 is not supported, so I suppose there's no point submitting bug reports now either.  Sigh.


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