Getting Twitch out the Door (but not as Twitch)

As part of trying to get testing done for a PyOpenGL release, I finally got around to testing Twitch, porting it to Python 3.6 and doing a release, only to discover that in the 4 years (!) since I last worked on it, the original package name got used on PyPI. Duh. So Twitch is now formally Twitch OGLC/twitchoglc (for OpenGLContext, on which it's based). If you don't release early and often you lose, folks.

What is twitch, you ask? Well, it's a proof-of-concept loader for Quake III Style .bsp maps. Not so much a useful renderer as something that shows how you can use numpy to load binary formats into relatively efficient OpenGL rendering code. Currently the lighting and textures are rather crap-tastic, and we definitely have problems with degenerate (single sided) geometry, but again, the point is to provide sample code, rather than an actual rendering engine.


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