PyOpenGL on Travis CI

So last night I finally got the PyOpenGL-on-github-to-TravisCI integration working. TravisCI is a CI service that has a free Open Source project integration. However, it doesn't support OpenGL on the xvfb-run tool out-of-the-box. The recipe to enable it is pretty simple, just install a bunch of packages and pass some args to the server, but it took a while to figure out the bits I needed from the various bug reports and questions online.

Unfortunately, the xvfb-based recipe won't test with AGL (Apple's platform library), so one of the big reasons for using Travis (testing on a platform I don't use) kinda short-circuited. I'd also like to get the Appveyor integration updated so we could test on Win32, but that will be some other time. Should likely *also* try testing the OSMesa integration on Travis, since I never wind up running it on my dev machines.


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