PyOpenGL 3.1.1a1 is out

So this morning I realized I never actually got the PyOpenGL 3.1.1 release process kicked off. Did a bit of cleanup and testing and booted the first alpha out the door. This is basically just a bug-fix release, though it has some more extensions wrapped/available, as it uses an updated Khronos xml registry. There are quite a few (~260 constants that are now registered for glGet*) mostly because I went to back to heuristic parsing of the extension specs to pull out their names, as the registry often doesn't seem to contain them.

The changes:

  • Python 3.4 compatibility fixes
  • new data-type declarations to match current Khronos
  • ability to use opaque pointers as keys in dictionaries (osmesa fix)
  • removing a few now-redundant hand-written wrappers
  • fix for a missing import on gles2 wrapper
  • tweaked error-message for debugging clarity
  • allow for the shader convenience function to skip validate-on-compile

If you're using PyOpenGL and one of the above fixes sounds like something you care about you may want to test with this release. There's not much changed for 3.1.1, so I expect we'll do a single alpha, beta and release for it.


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