Groundhog Day: Outside the Burrow

Groundhog Day is a great movie. What I'd like to see is a Groundhog Day edit sitting next to Groundhog Day in Netflix which is just the movie cut such that it is the timeline as seen by an in-world viewer that is not part of the time loop. That is, you see the setup, then jump forward to the last day.

It would be an awesome little art-house release that seems ridiculous, but also seems to have some driving underlying purpose. You could watch that art-house release with young people, discuss the implications and meanings of the weird setup and the strangely over-the-top character development. Later you'd reveal that there's a longer cut that explores some of the underlying themes.

So, we just need to convince Bill Murray that it's goofy enough to do, and have him throw around enough Bill-Murry-ish-ness to get Netflix to release the edit.


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