Kubuntu 15.10 seems fine so far

So I pulled the upgrade switch on the (Dell Inspiron) laptop on Friday. It trundled for almost the whole day doing the upgrade, then rebooted to a black-and-totally-unresponsive screen, with no way to switch to virtual consoles... I did a hard-reboot, booted to recovery console and reinstalled the fglrx (proprietary AMD) drivers, then rebooted... and everything came up fine. Since then it's basically been working fine (though there seems to be a few graphic hiccups where it takes a heartbeat to refresh the screen).

The suspend/resume still works. Eric got de-configured somehow (I'm guessing because it's now using a packaged release instead of the source-code release). KDE's date-and-time settings seem to have been reworked to the detriment of usability (one of those "I see what you're doing, and I understand that in the code that's how you think about this, but users do *not* think about date-and-time-formats that way). Bug filed on that. Plasma 5 hasn't changed much since 15.04, the "updates available" widget is cleaner/less insistent, which is nice. Other than that (and the clock format settings mentioned above) I can't actually detect any changes that I notice in day-to-day work.

KDE/Plasma 5  seems to have hit the point where the desktop is "finished" and new updates are just tweaks/enhancements. Yay, but... aww, I wanted shiny new toys.

Update: Duh. So I just had a full-session crash, started a new Chromium tab and boom, logged right out of session (kicked back to the DM login page). Also seeing occasional error dialogues from Eric 6 (not crashing, just warning error dialogues). That's obviously a regression from 15.04, where I haven't seen such issues. And another full-system-crash, again while opening a new tab in Chromium... but I can't find any obvious place where the error is being logged... the desktop just crashes in full and dumps me back to the DM. So this is happening about once per day it always seems to happen when opening a new Chromium tab... but what precisely is killing KDE/Plasma is a mystery.


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