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WPA supplicant almost working (That's frustratingly close...)

I didn't return my laptop to it's original configuration last night. Instead I came into Linux Caffe with it still putatively configured for NetworkManager operation... at it failed. So I copied back just the one configuration file (the /etc/conf.d/net configuration) and suddenly NetworkManager could pop onto one of the 3 open networks here...

The other ...

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Wireless Networking is Kicking My Arse (Whole day's side-project...)

Sugar doesn't yet support wpa_supplicant. Our whole network is wpa_supplicant controlled. So at home the little laptops have no network connection. That makes it annoying to use them as development platforms. So, today I tried to convert our network to be WEP-based (despite not liking the idea of an easily cracked network).

Unfortunately, I couldn't ...

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Remember to test before un-chrooting (Obvious idea...)

As mentioned I did the kde-monolithic to kde-split update within the aufs-based chroot. Everything built fine, I merged the packages directory and the /etc/portage directory into the root tree and did the update with usepkg in the root.

What I *should* have done is try running from the chroot first. I would have noticed the ...

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Chrooted aufs makes a nice Gentoo addition (Compiling and installing while you are running...)

My laptop has been waiting for ages to get the KDE monolithic to KDE split update done. It's just so annoying needing to unmerge the system while you're upgrading. So today I decided to try using aufs to create a chrooted copy-on-write version of the system.

sudo mount -t aufs -o dirs=installroot:/=ro none fakeroot
sudo ...

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Finally got pressure-sensitivity in the pressure-sensitive tablet! (Years later...)

I use an old Wacom Graphire instead of a mouse on my workstation. I've done this for years, and I find it really helps my wrists. It's worked fine as an absolute-mode mouse while in Linux, but it's always been lacking the pressure-sensitivity controls.

Last night I upgraded the machine to the 2.6.22 kernel, and ...

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Don't upgrade Dovecot when you're busy (Server configuration completely changed...)

Told Gentoo on the server/workstation to update itself last night, got a shiny new KDE out of it (latest stable 3.x), but it also upgraded Dovecot (the imap server I use). Last little message from the upgrade's set of messages was to the effect of "Dovecot's configuration has completely changed, we encourage you to start ...

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