Back from the party (Now to sleep)

Party was fun. Jenny (Irish lass I know) discovered that Roger (one of Simon's friends) went to the same schools (grade and high) in a tiny little town in BC as had she and her sisters. Conversations were wide-ranging, though not so exhaustive or deep as to fire me up for the evening... I seem to have a minimum threshold of abstraction before I really start firing on all cylinders... Fired up is bad when needing to sleep, a kind of frenetic desire to conquer the world's problems in a single evening.

Have to be up in 6 hours and hit a store to find flowers for Jean (grams and I are having lunch with her for her birthday tomorrow). Jean and Susan are Marge's daughters. Marge is one of grams friends at St. Hildas. All three of them are fun, laid-back people with sharp wits and ready humour.

JoAnne's computer is functional. Turns out we didn't have the driver disk for the motherboard (esp. it's onboard sound card), and the manufacturer's site is entirely opaque wrt how to choose the proper driver for the card, so we didn't get that last feature enabled. Installed the GNU Image Manipulation Program (the GIMP) for her to use while she's deciding whether she can justify the cost of an Adobe or Corel Suite. She treated me to a lovely Greek dinner on the Danforth in thanks.

Shane apparently fell asleep again this morning after emailing me, so his computer is still un-fixed. Sigh.


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