Well would you look (and listen) to that! (Finally get PVR software working...)

Okay, so what did it take to get the ATI TV Wonder Pro running on Gentoo Linux with sound and video under MythTV, you ask? You ask the weirdest questions sometimes:
  • Upgrade the kernel to 2.6.10 (unstable for AMD64)
  • Patch the kernel with the latest Video-for-Linux patches for that kernel version, which include fixes for cx8800 audio. These are simple .diff files that you just run against the kernel in /usr/src/linux with patch.
  • Now rebuild the kernel, (copy the old .config over first) genkernel --oldconfig --menuconfig all
  • Mute (M) and select (space) "Line" in alsamixer. Mute the microphone (feedback otherwise). Set "Capture" to 100% and select it. Use alsactl store to store the results when you're done.
  • Then, run v4lctl volume mute off to un-mute the (by default muted) sound channel. TVTime doesn't require this step, just MythTV (I guess TVTime explicitly un-mutes).
  • Running with TVTime requires un-muting the Line.

I can't imagine most non-technical users ever having got through all the steps required to get us here, but the kernel patching should fold in fairly soon. The need for the v4lctl call seems like a simple bug in MythTV. The ALSA settings are non-obvious... it would be useful to have that all auto-configure when Myth detects the ATI TV Wonder Pro.


  1. NetRAVEN5000

    NetRAVEN5000 on 06/14/2005 3:04 p.m. #

    I'm using Slackware 10.1 with the same kernel (2.6.10). Just wondering if anyone could "translate" this for me so I can do it with Slackware.<br />
    <br />
    Thanks in advance.

  2. NetRAVEN5000

    NetRAVEN5000 on 06/17/2005 4:21 p.m. #

    What settings did you use in mythtv-setup for the TV Wonder? All I'm getting is fuzz.

  3. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 06/19/2005 4:35 p.m. #

    That sounds like you may not have the patches for the kernel (at least, that's what my problems were when I was seeing fuzz). I just used the standard /dev/video0 and /dev/vbi0 and /dev/dsp1 (for my second sound card).

  4. Dov Feldstern

    Dov Feldstern on 10/25/2005 5:23 p.m. #

    Thanks for the tip about unmuting using v4lctl! I've been stuck with this problem for the past week, where the sound on MythTV would only sometimes work, and it seems that the unmuting does the trick!

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