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This just keeps happening (Shouldn't listen to my family...)

Back when I was a kid (10 or so) I had this idea as I was being dragged about the mall for a foldable three-legged chair for tired husbands/brothers to carry on shopping trips. It would be a lightweight foot-high contraption that would fold into a package that could be readily secured to the body ...

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At least there's something to read (Coming full circle and reading encyclopedias again)

I've got approximately 15 minutes in the edit-test-debug cycle where I wind up doing house-cleaning (mostly electronic) and/or searching for little tasks I can do without messing up the actual test. However, I'm thinking I should spend the time reading the Wikipedia.

PyDispatcher should be standard... (Just so I can use it everywhere)

I have to promote PyDispatcher more, particularly the "robust apply" and "safe ref" modules, which I find myself wanting in other projects all the time. Robust apply looks at the parameters a callable object takes and filters a set of parameters to only include those declared. Safe ref allows for registering callbacks to instance methods ...

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