Eating, napping and graphics (Good finish to the day I suppose...)

Cooked up some curry this evening. Wasn't that spectacular, mostly because it burned a little in the wok. Rosey is still sick, so she went to bed before trying it.

After eating I was just so exhausted I took a nap. Got up around 1am and decided to fix a bug that's been annoying me when I use OpenGLContext on Linux, namely that it will choose an entirely inappropriate font for use as the default font. Tried to fix this by asking the fonts whether they have glyphs for the set of characters in string.letters encoding using the locale's preferred encoding.

Unfortunately, AFAIK that preferred encoding isn't necessarily going to support string.letters (which can change according to the phase of the moon as far as I can see). Kind of a pain that way. I know the Unicode purists are up in arms any time someone suggests this, but drat it the current system is cumbersome for apps that just want people to be able to use their native local encoding with 8-bit strings. A simple way to say "use this encoding by default" (and I know about the hack with sys.setdefaultencoding, I mean something that won't get you yelled off the boat for using it) would be so practical.


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