Hey vex.net users, you can create a blog with 4 or 5 clicks of a mouse (Just in case any of you read this one some day...)

Vex.net provides Zope accounts on request to any of our users, so you can readily create a Zope-based blog like this one with just a few clicks of a mouse. The object to select from the Zope management interface is "CoreBlog". After adding one to your Zope folder, you're off to the races. You can visit the CoreBlog site linked at the bottom of every page to get more information about how to run and/or configure CoreBlog.

The Cain Gang (the group that runs Vex for it's owner D'Arcy) offer development services for Zope and Plone based projects as well.

Disclaimer: nothing I say here has anything to do with official Vex or Cain Gang policy or ideology, I just work there and thought it would be useful to let other users know how easy blogging can be with Vex.


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