The glories of web-development (Did two whole days just disappear down this silly thing's gullet?)

So, I'm almost there with the main-page UI rework. Unfortunately, IE is back to dropping the whole of the main view down below the left-side "info boxes", so totally destroys the effect. At the moment I'm using the original "tabular view" layout for the tree, with just the addition of some custom code to render the indents for the names.

When I look at it, it's obvious that the first thing the user is going to try to do is to sort by column, which the current mechanism for getting this particular tabular page doesn't support. It also needs to go back to the more compact original (CSS) design, as it gets really long when every row takes up two full lines. To make that work I'm going to have to rework how channels compute their "name", as they are currently named "full-name-of-parent-cmts channel 23" which makes for rather ugly trees.

Anyway, I think I need some sleep, so will do that and worry about all this junk tomorrow.


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