Once again back to ground 0 with Linux (I'm getting *so* sick of this)

Today was mostly (after a few hours of work) dedicated to yet another attempt to move from Win32 to Linux. Yet again I have been driven back to Win32 land. This time it was by an apt-get upgrade intended to install a TV-listings viewer (MythTV) failing during an upgrade of a dependency and managing to corrupt the KDE/Qt installation to the point where the darn system can't even get to the graphic login.

This is rather annoying, as I'd spent quite some considerable period of time figuring out how to get AVView working, configuring various editors and menus, and installing the packages I require. Blah. Linux people seem to have missed the lesson of "DLL Hell" that used to happen on Windows, namely that you shouldn't be relying on dozens of external dependencies to run your application if you want to be easily and reliably installable and maintainable.


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