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PyOpenGL isn't building cleanly even on Gentoo (Looks as though SWIG checking needs to get a lot more anal)

SWIG wrapper generation is attempting to continue even when it finds that it doesn't have the right version, that just makes bad things happen. Anyway, should sleep now, just booted into Gentoo to start the system off on building xorg-x11 while I'm busy and got distracted a little. Also looks as though I need to ...

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Think that about wraps up the week (13 hours is too long a time to sit in one spot)

Mostly work on UI stuff again today. Nothing really exciting, just cleaning up and converting to the new UI style. Unfortunately, I didn't wind up getting a chance to work on the product summary document (that was going to be my first task of the day, but then I got side-tracked trying to figure out ...

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