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If the man telling you to commit suicide isn't dead (Why would you trust him?)

Just wondering. It seems pretty stupid to believe someone who says all good little believers should arise and kill themselves who is not themselves dead. I actually have problems with following the ones who have offed themselves (and others), but at a minimum I demand death from my death-cult leaders.

I don't care if you're ...

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Weird error showing up (socket.error: (65, 'No route to host'))

Periodic scanner was hung up for about 4 hours there by a strange socket error "no route to host". Not sure if Tim changed something in the routing tables, or if a router somewhere blew up. Going to have to alter the code to gracefully handle the condition. No big deal, just generalise which errors ...

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Oh, yes, yesterday (Gifts and weddings and such-a-like)

Everything yesterday went as-expected. Mom came into town with Aunt Marg (who's still incredibly spritely for an 80+ woman) and her nephew and niece (Ken and Marilyn). Mom seemed to like her gift (a Royal Daulton figurine).

The wedding was rather larger than I'd expected (Shademan has a lot of family). Got to meet Yvonne ...

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PyOpenGL *is* now building cleanly on Gentoo (One-line fix...)

With a one-line fix, PyOpenGL is back to building on Gentoo. I haven't tried installing it, as I don't know how Gentoo would react to my unmerging PyOpenGL right in the middle of emerging 7 updated (but unrelated) packages.

Spent the "morning" (I actually slept until 4pm or so) working on summarising Cinemon for managerial ...

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