You say you slog? (What a coincidence, old chap, I've been known to slog a bit in my day...)

I really need to add view support to PyTable one of these days. Spent half an hour building yet another mock-view out of a classmethod. The method-based approach is nice in some ways, as you can customise all sorts of parameters to give you a nice query, but there are literally dozens of these things throughout the code-base, all of them composed of heavily parameterised SQL query objects that are, for all intents and purposes, views plus a few convenience functions.

I just have far too many projects these days, especially as I seem to have very few Open Source working days showing up. Oh well, at least Cinemon is beginning to look fairly together. I've spent most of the morning tracking down bugs/UI problems in the importer mechanisms, getting them ready for demoing.

Need to convert the node-range importer to using the new Physical Plant hierarchy type tomorrow, then make the ping scanner monitor Physical Plant groups. That should be sweet (I know, that sounds so geeky, especially since I'm probably the only one on the planet who understands what "Physical Plant hierarchy type" implies (I haven't actually discussed it with anyone)).


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