Let there be light! (Rosey's excursion to Canadian Tire)

Rosey went to Canadian Tire to pick up some lamps (her room and the living room are unlivably dark (I get horribly depressed when it's always dark)). Apparently she didn't have time to find any lamps she liked, but she did pick up a replacement bulb for my big halogen floor lamp.

That lamp almost doubles the lumens in the room (even though there are 2 desk lamps and 2 reading lamps already). Problem is that the lamp is thermostatically switched so that it turns off when it gets too hot (that's good, as it prevents fires), but it gets too hot when there's even a hint of dust on the glass cover... so it switches on and off every 20 minutes or so unless I'm really anal about cleaning it.

Tuesday is PyGTA, don't forget!

Invited Natasha over for dinner this evening. Apparently she didn't get the invite until 6pm or so and was already busy by then. Went ahead and made the curry anyway, turned out fairly well, though it needs salt.


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