No Joy in Fedora-ville (Networking and keyboard issues)

Spent a few hours trying to get Fedora 7 working under vmware last night. I'm guessing the problem is simple, but on Fedora I'm just stumbling around blind to some extent. I can modprobe the pcnet32 driver, but hotplug/coldplug doesn't seem to pick up the new device. Freaky thing is that the system has an "eth0" seen in the NetworkManager windows, but it doesn't seem to connect to anything at the lower levels.

Went back to trying to build Sugar on the Gentoo image. Still seeing a failure while trying to build atk (part of GTK+, seems that it's picking up two different versions of glib (one from the build directory, one from the system) and getting confused by them, rather than the autoconf being confused by the version string, as I'd thought) and a few random failures due to missing SVN urls and the like. Still, at least I can make it limp through with some gnashing of teeth and wailing.

Anyway, today I need to get at least 2 or 3 billable hours in to pay the bills before I can look at the OLPC work. I'd really like to get a working environment set up sometime soon so I can try out some of these ideas.


  1. on 06/07/2007 5:07 p.m. #

    You might try developing on an xo disk image running in emulation. Unable to build sugar on x86_64 yet, that's what I'm trying. Wiki has tips.<br />

  2. Owen Williams

    Owen Williams on 06/07/2007 6:22 p.m. #

    I just downloaded a pre-rolled vmware image here:<br />
    <br />
    that worked for me. The only issue was that I had to make the cdrom a scsi cdrom, not an ide cdrom. Otherwise I was getting scary kernel messages.

  3. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 06/07/2007 9:18 p.m. #

    I suppose I could use the pre-built vmware image for my own hacking. I was hoping to put together a new developer's cd though, and I don't like the idea of using something from an unknown source for that.

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