Oh I'm randomly rebuilding I am (Randomly rebuilding, I am, I am, I got married to the OS next door...)

Finally gave in and did the emerge -e bash... and I'm pretty sure it's not going to work, as it says nothing about replacing the broken gpgme package. Oh well, at least it keeps the computer busy while I work.

Maybe I should create a new category for "whining about Linux".

That said, I seem to have moved in. I just had to boot into Windows to check in some files I'd forgotten. Sure, the environment was slick and streamlined (and oh was it nice to have a command-line again), sure everything was set up to be as simple and obvious as possible for working with dozens of projects, but I didn't hang around any longer than needed to just check in the files, and test something that currently only works on Windows. I didn't check out my current work and see if it works on Windows, didn't check my email with the Windows version of Thunderbird, didn't really do anything other than the minimum possible. Linux is now the place I work, apparently.


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