Missed a ticket on a long thread (Introduction to Bitfrost-limited application development...)

Ivan punted a todo at me in a long thread on devel almost a month ago, but it got auto-sorted into a folder and I only got around to reading the thread today. Basically he's thinking we need a document describing how to work within Bitfrost as a short version of the spec, an application note for the spec, as it were.

What with the conference, preparing the talk for tomorrow, and getting the auto-conversion of images working, I've gone way over the time this week (in theory I only work 10 hours/week, I'm above 25 now, and that's with the days at the conference capped to 8 hours, despite being there longer). Coupled with the wedding and needing a day to unwind I haven't touched anyone else's projects.

Have to put the todo on the "next week" burner and try to get some work done on other client's projects for a few days.


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