UI Tweaks all day (Mostly making the topological graphics easier to use)

Crossed off three todo items, though looking back at them, they probably weren't the most important ones, they were just the ones that were annoying the heck out of me. All of them relate to the topological overview graphs.

Until today, you could only identify the root of these graphs by knowing what elements are further up in the hierarchy, which meant that in cases where there's no necessary order, you could quite readily get lost as to which way was "up" and which "down". I was intending to solve this by drawing arrows all over the place, but then I realised that I could just highlight the root and the directions would simply flow out from that.

Also made it possible to resize the graphics, and made the graphics on all pages respect that sizing. Not a huge change, but it makes it so much easier to work with the system to not be scrolling around the SVG to find what's being displayed.

Finally, put in a preliminary mechanism for choosing icons based on the type of node being displayed. Nothing really exciting yet (just stars and circles), but it shows what's eventually planned (though I did realised that I'm going to have to do quite a bit of work making sure that the individual icon-types are perceptually equivalent when scaled, and that may wind up scuttling this approach).

I'm obviously avoiding the mass-group summary page after the frustration on Friday. Should just bite the bullet and do it first thing tomorrow morning.


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