Apparatus for allowing transfer of electrical equipment without service interruption (An idea for those inventors out there who like such things...)

The apparatus described here is intended to allow you to transfer, for instance, a server computer from one electrical connection to another without interrupting power to the machine. The apparatus consists of a flexible set of prongs arranged in such a way that they can slide between a North American-style power plug and socket (from the top).

On sliding the apparatus between the plug and socket, conductive pads on the prongs come in contact with the blades of the plug. The prongs surround each blade on 3 sides with spring-steel providing compression to retain solid contact. Optionally may include a locking mechanism to ensure that contact is not lost.

The temporary charging mechanism (assumed to be battery backed) shall contain a display which allows the user to determine when the prongs have succeeded in connecting electrically with the blades (by drawing power in parallel with the equipment through the blades).

When the user is satisfied that the electrical connection has been established and is stable, they provide power via the prongs to the equipment, withdraw the plug from the wall, and insert the (live, and therefor dangerous) plug with attached prongs into a transport container with an interface matching that of an electrical socket.

On completion of transport, the equipment is plugged into the destination socket, (optionally) the prongs are unlocked from the plug, and then the prongs are removed from the socket, by sliding them out from between the plug and the destination socket.


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