PyOpenGL 3.0.0b6 (likely the last beta) is up...

I've just uploaded PyOpenGL 3.0.0b6 to SourceForge and PyPI.  At this point there's not really much I'm intending to change before the 3.0.0 final release.  We now have support for extensions up to the OpenGL 3.0 release, we should run on Win32 and Linux at least.  We should be compatible with py2exe/pyinstaller/py2app.

From here on out what we need is testing on various platforms, with various software configurations.  I wouldn't be surprised if we find some bugs if there's no Numpy installed, or that we'll get unhappy results if you don't have GLUT or GLE and try to use them.  I'd also suspect that our GLX/WGL/AGL wrapper is pretty unusable at this point (my not having any code that really tries to use it).  There are likely dozens of extensions that are also in need of tweaked wrappers.

In theory I might look at doing some optimizations or some more cleanup, but it's been years since we had a final release[1], and that can likely wait for a 3.0.1 release.  With that said:

easy_install PyOpenGL
to setup PyOpenGL afresh, or
easy_install -U PyOpenGL

to update.

If show-stopping bugs show up, we may need another beta, but at this point I don't know of any show-stoppers to get in the way.


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