Presentation isn't a total blowout (Going to be moving next time, likely...)

PyGTA is likely going to relocate to another office around the corner from Givex come January (next meeting), in order to accomodate the larger crowds (it's getting kinda stuffy in the Givex conference room).

The pool hall to which we normally retire is also closing on the 16th of December, so will have to find some other watering hole as well (unless we want to hang out in a "hardcore" gay bar (until tonight I had no idea there were bars where men would sit in hot tubs in order to have other men urinate on them, I would have thought that kind of thing would get you closed down by the health inspectors.))

Presentation went fairly well. I should have spent some time on doing a dry run (lots of things were just slightly out of "natural" order, so I wound up paging forward a few times to get to the examples, and there was a lot of building up the next slide and then realising there was an intervening slide after I hit pgdown).

Unfortunately, Tim, the person for whom the whole thing was specifically intended in the first place, apparently forgot it was Tuesday, so didn't show up. Sigh.


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