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Dang spammers to the deepest, coldest regions of heck! (Another social casualty on the information super-highway...)

As my avid readers will remember, Natasha didn't come to the Solstice party, thus missing out on the opportunity to meet Lia. Now, that's hardly news, former girlfriends aren't, after all, required to show up to parties celebrating celestial events. There is, however, slightly more of a story.

You see, not having received ...

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Day disappears in EFT pair-programming (As the cold (or whatever) takes over my poor lil' body...)

Colds suck. Not so much because they're inherently bad, but because they aren't bad enough to stop work, but they're bad enough to make working strikingly unpleasant. Talking all day when you have a cold doesn't really help make it more pleasant. Luckily, colds are bad enough that you're allowed to whine in your blog ...

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