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Dec. 20, 2004 - Dec. 26, 2004

Not much done this evening (Began working on "inexactitude" section...)

Finally saw "The Incredibles", it was definitely worth the money. Anyway, got home and didn't really feel up to doing any work, so spent a few hours vegging on the couch.

Eventually pulled my lazy bones out of bed and started work on the next section of the Play in Design document. This one is ...

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Sending email in Twisted (This should *not* be so hard to find...)

As D'Arcy was winding down his work on the EFT2 server, he asked the very obvious question "how does one send email in Twisted". It took me something like 30 minutes to track down the proper response. Once you know where the function is, it's trivial, but finding out which module/function to use is a ...

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Pause admidst the orgy of consumerism... (Last minute shopping often turns ugly)

Rosey did most of our gift-shopping for the year, but I still have a couple of gifts to pick up, and I just got back from doing the grocery shopping.

Nice thing: as I was leaving, the bus driver pulled to the stop and waited for a break in traffic so I could catch the ...

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Dang spammers to the deepest, coldest regions of heck! (Another social casualty on the information super-highway...)

As my avid readers will remember, Natasha didn't come to the Solstice party, thus missing out on the opportunity to meet Lia. Now, that's hardly news, former girlfriends aren't, after all, required to show up to parties celebrating celestial events. There is, however, slightly more of a story.

You see, not having received ...

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Day disappears in EFT pair-programming (As the cold (or whatever) takes over my poor lil' body...)

Colds suck. Not so much because they're inherently bad, but because they aren't bad enough to stop work, but they're bad enough to make working strikingly unpleasant. Talking all day when you have a cold doesn't really help make it more pleasant. Luckily, colds are bad enough that you're allowed to whine in your blog ...

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Dear silly space-users, just convert to tabs and get it over with (Garn that's mildly frustrating...)

Have spent the last two days working with D'Arcy, who uses vi (that's, vi, not even vim). And every 10 or 20 minutes he'll mis-indent something because he uses spaces. It's often subtle, like a closing-bracket being outdented one line too many (which works fine if it's the last line of a function), such ...

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Is God a criminal? (Since I can't sleep...)

At the party on Saturday night we had a short debate about whether there is a life after death and/or a God. As I was trying to get Simon to listen to my argument (instead of giving me an "Environmental and Resource Studies 101" lecture on the need to avoid coming to conclusions based on ...

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Oy, graph layout code takes forever (For any sort of general case)

So, beyond some work on administrivia, spent the bulk of the day working on building graph-displaying mechanisms. For example, wrote a method that, given a start and end point of a range, generates major and minor grid lines within the range. It does that by using the log10 of the number, rounded and decremented to ...

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Poor guy, who could ever make ends meet on that salary... (Sometimes you just want to smack people upside the head)

So, turns out that the head of NASA (a Bush government appointee) is resigning because he needs more money to put his three children through University. He was brought in to institute financial restraint and reasonable bugetting to the institution, btw.

Um, when did it become impossible to put three children through school (for a ...

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