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Aug. 2, 2004 - Aug. 8, 2004

Simpler solutions make life simpler... (Abandoning chaining in favour of updating)

As mentioned a while ago, I was trying to build a chaining mechanism into TwistedSNMP's OIDStore mechanism, the idea being that you could mix-and-match OIDStores so that you could compose test-cases readily from pre-built OIDStore fragments.

Problem was that the code became hideous. It's just a graph-traversal algorithm, but the code wasn't written with graph-traversal ...

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Couldn't give away the Molé (So I just didn't make it tonight...)

Tim, Shiva, Shademan, Lisa, Golnar, and Shane were all unavailable, Natasha had already eaten, and Krysta couldn't get past the idea of chocolate and chicken together, so I had no-one for whom to cook (well, turns out I would have had Rosey, but I didn't know that). Anyway, guess I'll cook it tomorrow after I ...

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Chaining OIDStores in TwistedSNMP (Today's little side project...)

TwistedSNMP has a mechanism called an OIDStore, which allows you to define the values to be returned from a (server-side) agent. At the moment, these are quite simplistic creations, basically either a bisect-sorted list or a BSDDB btree database (the OIDStore must be ordered, which is why a simple dictionary wouldn't work).

That works fine ...

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Confluence of problems kills the week's blogging (And no-one notices...)

Well, a corrupted zope.fs backup, a failed upgrade being too fastidious in cleaning up data (killing live instance), and shazaam, the blog has to go back to the previous week's backup.

This afternoon I need to nip out and pick up some food from the supermarket so that I can cook some molé this evening. ...

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