Now for the practical side (Setting up tools to do BitFrosted file-systems)

Amber Mac of CityTV came in and shot lots of footage of the laptop this afternoon. Spent the morning talking with a chap who wants the OLPC to roll out in Canada/US (first). This evening/late afternoon I've been continuing work to get my development environment sugar-jhbuilt (as well as updated via portage to latest stable state).

While I've been doing that I've also been getting aufs installed on my workstation and the development environment. It's actually pretty straightforward once you find the svn repository URL for the Sunrise ebuild. Just check out into your overlay and build the module.

Had a bit of a slow start with the br: syntax on initial mount, but the dir syntax seems to work correctly for me. Anyway, need to walk the puppy and then sit down to work on some other customer's tickets.


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