Am I becoming a sleep addict? (Return of dreams makes it so attractive...)

Don't know why, but the past week I've been waking up every night multiple times from vivid, (and weird (read symbolic)), dreams. I like dreaming, particularly when I can feel the subconscious grinding over a problem. A sort of pleasurable symbolic calculus that's constantly solving itself in pictures... The problem is that dreaming requires sleeping, and while sleeping I am not sitting at the computer working on billable projects.

Yesterday I took a break a little shy of 3 billable hours to rest my hands and back... and fell asleep. Woke up again around midnight, but I just didn't want to stop the dreams, so didn't wind up getting up until this morning. Un-good for the week's invoice. Anyway, today I'm going down to Linux Caffe so that I have no other possible activity open than to work.


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