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Oct. 4, 2004 - Oct. 10, 2004

Good day for productivity (But didn't touch the big, evil bug...)

After visiting grams (score: 2 all), I spent a solid 7 hours on Cinemon. Finished approximately 10 todo items. Since Bryan isn't too tense about finishing for Tuesday, I think I'll consider the day finished and try to relax a little (particularly, I need to give my hands some time to rest).

Biggest user stories ...

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Not the most productive day in the world (Plus: Twisted, redirect with Nevow Guard to deep-linked page...)

Fixed 3 bugs today, 1 trivial, 1 cosmetic, but important, and 1 a "feature" that was annoying enough to get classified as a bug on Friday. Unfortunately, made 0 headway against the show-stopping bug (the database-failure-on-write one), and only implemented a single trivial todo item (ignoring failures in a particular import).

Need to write up ...

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Adapting Nevow's IRequest for Zope Page Templates (TAL) (For those migrating this way...)

Today's little micro-recipe is how to adapt Nevow's IRequest interface to one which is compatible enough with Zope's TAL request objects that you can port templates from Zope into Twisted fairly quickly. Note, this doesn't include the TemplateAdapter class, nor the Cinemon Template class, which make a Template act like a Nevow resource and add ...

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but 19 hours of sleep makes you a new man (Well, gets you to the point where you aren't sleepy... almost.)

Demo went fairly well, despite 2 major bugs that made it impossible to do a true dress-rehearsal (i.e. stepping through each and every element of a demonstration as if we had an audience). I basically answered emails and then went to sleep when I got home yesterday. Have been sleeping on and off since then. ...

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4 Hours of sleep does wonders (Well, better than none...)

Decided I just wasn't working well enough to keep going last night, so took 4 hours to at least get my eyes to the point where they can focus again (better take the bus up). Still have a couple of things I'd like to get working before the demo, namely the "here are the modems ...

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May be hitting point of diminishing returns (2.5 weeks "always on" seems to be reducing my efficiency somewhat...)

10 or 11 hours to go, and I spend 40 minutes trying to figure out why the emails just will not send. This code has been stable for... well... at least a year now. Finally realise, I'm on Linux, not Windows, and my workstation has no mail transport agent set up (i.e. sendmail just isn't ...

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Little user stories not actually in the spec (Sigh...)

Just fixed a bug in a user story that's not actually part of the demo, but which is a critically useful element. Basically, you need to be able to download the physical hierarchy, edit it and re-upload it. It worked fine, but wound up double-booking each "moved" group. Fix was pretty trivial, but I made ...

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That last 24 hours of a project (When things go to heck...)

The demo code has developed a charming habit of simply reporting "no connection to database" when it tries to update a record. Annoying part is that it's happening after dozens of successful reads on the same connection.

I so don't need this just now. There's enough stuff that needs to be finished that long-since-finished stuff ...

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Take either position, but accept the consequences (If you're going to argue for innate capabilities, follow it through to the end...)

Was helping Rosey with her homework this evening, and just got frustrated. The text she's being asked to summarise is basically arguing that the primary message of the feminist movement was that emotions should be given equal footing with logic and/or the scientific method (and ironically, one of the main thrusts of the text is ...

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