Remembering (You'd think after 11 years I'd have written it down...)

Natasha and I have known each other for 11 years now. I still don't know the precise day of her birthday. I remember when it is (somewhere between the 4th and the 6th). The problem is that I got it wrong for 4 or 5 years (and always wind up seeing her on days that weren't the actual birthday anyway) and so I remember getting it wrong, so every time I think of a date I think "but wait, isn't that what I thought when I was wrong", so I can never settle on the right date. As of this moment I think it's the 6th, but that will change by the time I hit "submit" to post this article.

If I were an organised person, I would have some book somewhere with all of the important dates written down. I can remember the date we met perfectly well (because it's conveniently situated on an equinox, the morning of the 21st of March, 1993 (corrected)). So I guess what I'm saying is that all dates-to-remember should be associated with major (preferably celestial) event.


  1. x

    x on 01/04/2005 9:56 p.m. #

    Indeed, it certainly has been one heck of a long 11 years since 2003. I still vaguly remember 2003 though, despite all that. Hmmm, or now that I think of it, maybe I don't actually. Will have to think about it some more.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/04/2005 10:07 p.m. #

    Smart arse. 1993.

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