Long Day (Schedules mean never having a minute's rest... but you feel really good at the end of the day...)

From about 2pm through to just now I've been up and running. Meeting with a new client, picking up the B2 machine, meeting with a volunteer project manager for the OLPC, trying to re-recruit a sub-contractor for various projects, then off to see a friend play at Free Times (a cafe).

The B2's screen was destroyed while it was at the conference. Seems someone dropped it perfectly flat from about hip-height onto a carpeted concrete floor. Screen is totally cracked and unusable as a result. Seems the power brick has gone South as well. Group that requested the loan has offered to pay for repairing the damage and/or replacing the whole unit.

We'll hear more from our project management volunteer over the next day or so. He's a professional PM who's interested in volunteering his time, likely on one of the projects I outlined earlier.

I've still got the critical stale-dated stuff to plow through for the company. I likely need to schedule a non-regular-work day to deal with it all (Saturday, maybe). Tomorrow I'm off to TAUG to hear about the project to rewrite the Asterisk voicemail application. Wish I had time to contribute to that... or even to get PyOpenGL 3.0.0 pushed to beta-1 (basically just waiting for a release now).

Listening to the singer/songwriters at the cafe tonight made me want to spend a few hours on poetry tonight, but I'm going to be a good boy and work on paying work.


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