Rebuilding computers takes way too long (2 day's off-hours sopped up...)

Wound up rebuilding a friend's machine on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, it was a very slow machine, so it took far longer than I was hoping. She was asleep by the time I was ready to start configuring the email client, so I just left it for her. Oops. I use a hardware firewall (and Mozilla), so I don't have ZoneAlarm on my machine, nor do I have an explicit email scanner plug-in running in AVG... so I've never had a problem with AVG's scanner getting out past ZoneAlarm.

Wound up spending another 2 hours last night trying to talk her through reconfiguring ZoneAlarm (which I don't even have installed here, and never use myself). Eventually we had to just disable the AVG email plug-in entirely.

Lost 8 hours to that. I'm not sure where the other 4 hours goes (the difference between the 16 hours of being awake and the 8 hours of working)... some of it is showering, reading email, reading news, and eating... but seems like I should have an extra couple of hours getting stored in some battery somewhere. Well, I know that some of it went to having coffee with Shane on Tuesday, but that's a fairly rare occurance.

Work continues apace; got quite a lot of work done rebalancing the periods of the scanners for Cinemon. It's scaling much better than a few days ago. Hopefully this new change I'm planning will eliminate the scaling problems entirely.


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