Slow day for productivity... (Staring at a black box doesn't train it well)

Spent part of my day trying to tease out answers as to why Cinemon went berserk last night, acting as though the network was experiencing sporadic failures all over the joint. When I thought to post my musings, Bryan noted that, yes, there had been sporadic failures all over the network.

Which got me thinking; my only views of the network are through Cinemon and through Bryan. That means that I rely almost exclusively on what I'm seeing through Cinemon to judge success/failure of Cinemon. I should have some other tool which has the same kind of hierarchic awareness that would let me tease out whether Cinemon is actually catching errors or just going nuts.

Anyway, touched base with Stephen regarding the Hot Spot demo today, should have the new templates sometime this evening and talk again Monday. Other than a few fixes here and there, and generally staring at Cinemon trying to see what needs doing, not much done for a day's work.

(Oh, last night was a technical meeting for the company. Went out to Lone Star afterward. Good food there, but 'gads it's expensive.)


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