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Oh, about those silly slogs (Think its fixed now, will see...)

Think I finally killed the "rescan unresolved modems frequently" feature request. It wound up showing up a number of other bugs here and there and just made the whole process messy. Switching to Linux in the middle of it probably wasn't a great move on my part.

Speaking of which, I've apparently karked the video ...

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About auto-programming (Genetics as programming isn't quite what it seems to be...)

I spent an hour or so today emailing Jelle regarding his project. He's using evolutionary techniques (or, rather, is intending to do so) for programming his experiment and that got me thinking. For those who aren't familiar with the idea, an evolutionary programming approach defines a feedback loop where a set of solutions are tested ...

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Why isn't the mozsvg project a plugin? (Would seem like the right way to go, no?)

I've been testing my changes since switching back to Linux by using Firefox. That's fine, but there's no AMD64-compatible SVG plug-in that I'm aware of for Firefox. There's also no flag for building MozSVG into Firefox that I can find, so, it's off to Mozilla (the suite). Problem there is that it has started taking ...

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