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Setup work for Jelle's project (Install/port radiance to AMD64 Gentoo...)

Jelle's project is scripting Radiance, so I need to install it. So far it's not marked as working on AMD64 in Gentoo portage. Hopefully it will just build and run :) . My eyes are not in great shape (kinda blurring as I try to read the screen), so I'm trying to avoid doing anything ...

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Thunderbird for those of us with enough eye strain (Editing a configuration file in the application data directory is something no grandmother should have to do...)

Thunderbird on Windows always seems to pick up a good default font size for the message-list and tree panes. On Linux it picks some god-awful small font that, after a few hours, starts to make my eyes ache (and when one's sister is just getting over an eye infection, bloodshot, watery eyes tend to make ...

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Long day's hacking (Not much to show...)

I try to at least make everything modestly testable, but sometimes it just seems to bog down the day's work...

I've got this fairly simple requirement; rescan unresolved records in the CMTS tables every minute or two to determine whether the modem has come back online. That was pretty easy to write. The problem is ...

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TV-on-Linux almost working... (Or so I tell myself)

Okay, decided to spend my jittery hours seeing about getting those last few items keeping me off of linux taken care of. Item number one; Personal Video Recorder. As regular readers may remember, I've given up on MythTV and am concentrating on FreeVO (mostly because, as it's written in Python, I might have a chance ...

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