Why isn't the mozsvg project a plugin? (Would seem like the right way to go, no?)

I've been testing my changes since switching back to Linux by using Firefox. That's fine, but there's no AMD64-compatible SVG plug-in that I'm aware of for Firefox. There's also no flag for building MozSVG into Firefox that I can find, so, it's off to Mozilla (the suite). Problem there is that it has started taking 30-40 seconds to render an SVG-containing page in Mozilla, with crashes and weird rendering artefacts (it was working fine the last time I was using Mozilla for development, of course).

Might be a KDE 3.3.2 problem (versus 3.3.0), I suppose, but that seems strange. I suppose I should submit a bug report, but the last time I did one for the released MozSVG I was told rather curtly that it was hopelessly out of date (IIRC that was 1 or 2 weeks after the official release). I guess I could build Mozilla+MozSVG from CVS, but at that point I probably have to cut my losses and go back to Firefox on Win2K.

On a happier note, during my Linux abscence, the CMU Sphinx speech-recognition library has moved from being a royal pain to install (due to the JDK required) to a simple no-questions-asked emerge. The SphinxTrain build failed, though. Strangely, one of the dependencies for Blender (the Yafray renderer) also doesn't build out-of-box.

Radiance, btw, built without complaint once I added ~amd64 to its list of platforms.


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