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For the Eric3 users out there (Create an Eric3 project from your CVS working directory...)

I often find it extremely frustrating to have to re-check-out my working directories using Eric's GUI (especially since I normally already have them checked out and partially-edited). Maybe this is just a problem when you keep swapping environments, but anyway, it's an itch I felt the need to scratch.

The script takes a CVS working ...

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What am I doing up so late (I asks meself I does...)

Just before I managed to get to sleep, I got annoyed with something in Eric. Basically, if you want to use a CVS project in Eric you have to check it out through Eric. That's annoying when you've already got everything checked out and you have to go through the rather awkward Eric checkout process. ...

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OpenGLContext testing and finishing... (Little fixes here and there and a disturbing failure on Linux...)

Built PyOpenGL 2.0.2 from CVS; took quite a while as I forgot to clean out the old SWIG source before doing it. Result was completely non-functional. Once that was done no big deal.

Fixed a bug in PyOpenGL with handling of unsigned integers (was rejecting integers > 32-bit integer values as part of the default SWIG ...

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