What am I doing up so late (I asks meself I does...)

Just before I managed to get to sleep, I got annoyed with something in Eric. Basically, if you want to use a CVS project in Eric you have to check it out through Eric. That's annoying when you've already got everything checked out and you have to go through the rather awkward Eric checkout process.

So, I wrote a little script that retrieves a CVS checkout directory's root, repository and entries into a structure that should allow me to write an Eric project file. I guess I'll do the actual writing of the project file some other day since I'm tired now, I just wanted to prove to myself that it's a minimal task. Looks like I'll have to rewrite Project.py's vcsCheckout method, but that doesn't look too hard. Guess I'd have to write an SVN equivalent as well :( . Sigh.

I'm thinking of hooking it up as an option in the VCS menu "project from checkout" or something like that. Would also be fairly nice to be able to use the CVS repository as the final arbiter of what belongs in the project, i.e. scan on open and update automatically.

Anyway, all of that's for another day.


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