For the Eric3 users out there (Create an Eric3 project from your CVS working directory...)

I often find it extremely frustrating to have to re-check-out my working directories using Eric's GUI (especially since I normally already have them checked out and partially-edited). Maybe this is just a problem when you keep swapping environments, but anyway, it's an itch I felt the need to scratch.

The script takes a CVS working directory and creates an Eric3 project for the working directory based on the CVS/Entries files in the directory tree.

Fair warning: This is a hack. It's also susceptible to poorly-checked-out CVS trees where the Entries file is truncated for some reason (this seems to happen for directories fairly frequently, but doing an update in the directory seems to fix it).

Basically the script cribs enough of the Eric Project class to allow it to add all files registered with the CVS repository in the project. You don't have to re-check-out your projects just to let Eric know about them, just run the script and then open the project file it creates.

You run it with:
python directory

to process a CVS working directory. It will write a file directory.e3p in that directory which is the new Eric3 Project file for the CVS project. Oh, the code that is mine is free for any use (the stuff that reads the CVS files), the fragments of Eric code are under Eric's (GPL) license.


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