Explanation of sorts for why conversion of Jelle's project didn't work (Tessellation was producing counter-clock-wise geometry...)

I converted Jelle's project to run in OpenGLContext, but when I did so, the rendering went all to heck, seemingly randomly losing triangular faces. Turns out it wasn't random, it was an artefact of the GLU tessellator wherein it was generating polygons which were in reverse order vertex-wise to those passed in as "solid".

Haven't figured out how to fix that yet :( . Even my hacks to try to work around it seem to be failing, as specifying normals and non-solid geometry is just producing geometry with what visually read as all-the-same normals, but which are the correct normals in the code.

Anyway, I'm tired of this particular frustration, so I'm going to head off to Starbucks with Shane. Still no word from Natasha on whether she wanted to come over tonight or not, so I'm marking her officially out-of-luck unless she feels like coming to Starbucks to meet us and try a Chantico.


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